• Network Technician - Servers and Cisco Routing


  • Network Technician – Servers and Cisco Switching


We offer day and evening classes


Classes are 16 weeks in length Tuesday & Thursday From 10:30 AM - 2:15 PM and 5:30 PM - 9:15 PM


Funding for these classes is very expensive but is provided through California's Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG). The student only pays a very small registration fee.

Network Technician Classes


I believe this is the most comprehensive network training anywhere in California if not the United States. Developed by myself, a networking student, IT professional and now an instructor; I have over forty years of combined technology experience as an Electronic Technician, Engineer, Project Manager and IT professional.


Through my over thirty years of teaching experience, I have developed a curriculum that brings together the many facets of networking and computer technology into one continuous training program.  Most, if not all IT schools treat popular IT subjects independently, modularized, and disconnected subject matter, such as CompTIA training, Cisco training, and Windows training.


Rather than training independent of one another, the Network Technician classes gives relevance to each of these areas by instructing them simultaneously in the correct synergistic sequential order. In this way students work  with and understand cabling, as it relates to routing and switching, as it relates to the servers and workstations they support.


This method of teaching the different subjects together trains the student in a way that gives them the ability to understand, install and maintenance the entire network. Starting with installing the cabling to installing and configuring the network equipment and servers, and continuing with Internet access coming from the ISP to the servers, clients, and wireless access points. Then protecting the network by installing security starting where the network enters the building and then all the way to the servers and clients.


I start every semester assuming that the students know absolutely nothing about networking and go from there. Students learn in a Windows 7 Professional & Windows 10 desk top environment. Basic networking topics are discussed first, followed by topics from the CompTIA Network+ and Cisco CCNA exam objectives at the same time.  Students learn and practice with Cisco equipment, Windows desktop operating systems, and Windows servers at the same time with real equipment not simulators. The two Network Technician classes encompass many areas of networking; Cisco routing and switching, security, LAN, WAN, wireless, Windows & Linux Servers, and Virtual Machine technology.


Future classes will include advanced Cisco routing and switching, Cisco Wireless and VoIP, more detailed layer 2 and 3 security, Cyber and Cloud security topics and more.

This program is not for the faint of heart. It is detailed, comprehensive and intense training for those people serous about learning networking. If you are willing to delve into it with everything you have for approximately two semesters, you too can become an entry level network technician and administrator with a well founded foundation and a career for life in Information Technology. 

Students that successful complete a course receive a Certificate of Completion

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